S.Z.R. BANE founded in 2001. in Belgrade, as a workshop for the manufacture of pet products, wholesale and retail. On the day of its foundation, started to work.

Us apart from the competition by the fact that we provide our clients with top quality with minimum limits shipments of goods to the customer`s address.

Distinguished by our high quality production and products with a large assortment of sizes and colors.

We are based on the selection of the highest quality materials for production.

From the establishment, S.Z.R. BANE is starting to make products of MOUNTAIN ROPE and WEBBING (leads, collars and harnesses), but over the years has expanded its range of products.

In addition, since 2008. begins production of HAND-KNITTED leads of webbing, with different thicknesses, sizes and colors, which soon became BRAND of this company.

Since March 2012. starting to make products of ROUND LEATHER, and since Septembar 2013. starting to make products of LEATHER.

Thanks to top quality products and modern way of doing business, we cooperate with many PET SHOP`s in Belgrade and throughout Serbia.

Make sure that our quality!